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Glaxo Smithkline ,an American company is also a leading healthcare company of India. Iodex, Eno , Crocin , Boost , Horlicks are some of the popular brands of the company. We are working as C& F Agent of the company for the entire state of Rajasthan.

Nutritional - Horlicks :

Horlicks Ninja

'The Great Family Nourisher' Horlicks is the leading Health Food Drink in India and as the 'Most Trusted Drinks Brand' (Economics Times Survey, 2004) in India, enjoys more than half of the Health Food Drink market.

Junior Horlicks

'Specially formulated for preschool children'

 New Junior Horlicks 1-2-3TM provides essential nutrition and when taken as part of a healthy diet, helps complete A to Z nutrition for preschool kids.

Mother's Horlicks

This unique formulation has an essential fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid or DHA from a vegetarian source. Numerous studies have suggested that DHA helps in brain development of the child during pregnancy and the first few years of life. It is important to note that in infants, breast milk is the only source of DHA.

Horlicks Lite

'Horlicks Lite & Lite Bite'

 This range of products have been specially formulated keeping in mind nutritional needs of adults and is also suitable for use by people with diabetes.

Horlicks Biscuits

'With the Power of Calcium!'

Horlicks Biscuits are available in two flavours - Standard & Elaichi - and live up to the Horlicks promise of 'great taste' and 'nourishment'.

Boost :


'Boost is the secret of winning energy!'

* Boost was the first brand to introduce yellow granules in its formulation as part of the 'Power BoostersTM' relaunch in November 2002.

* It is also the first brand in this segment to have developed a 'shrink-sleeved' packaging way back in 1999. In recognition of this, Boost has won the prestigious World Star award for its packaging. Continuous Innovation

Maltova :


'The yummy choco-malt drink'
Maltova, a chocolate Health Food Drink, was acquired from Jagatjit Industries Limited in Feb 2000. To kids Maltova is the fun health drink, which is extremely tasty, and makes nourishment truly enjoyable and exciting.

Viva :


'Making pleasurable nourishment available to consumers on the go'

Nutritional Food Services Division was established in July 2003 to extend the availability of nutritional brands such as Horlicks & Boost. Vending was identified as one of the important vehicles to make them conveniently available 'out of home'.

Vending :


'Start to a bright and healthy day!'

Well begun is half done! Viva is based on the belief that a good start to the day ensures that the rest of it goes well too. New Viva has VitaHealthTM - a combination of 9 essential Vitamins [Vitamin A, D, B1, B2, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic acid, Vitamin B12 & C], Iron, Calcium and Phosphorous.



'Your trusted paracetamol'
Crocin has been a trusted family name for over three decades and enjoys a strong medical heritage. An effective remedy for fever and mild-to-moderate pain, Crocin is an over-the-counter drug and does not require a doctor's prescription to buy it.

Crocin Quik

Crocin Quik is a breakthrough paracetamol formulation, "that gets to work TWICE AS FAST as regular paracetamol tablets". It is India's fastest acting paracetamol tablet.




'Eno... gets to work in 6 seconds'
A 100 year old global brand, Eno enjoys a presence in 34 countries, with India being its second largest market after Brazil.

Eno is available in Regular & Lemon flavours, in both sachets and bottles.

Eno Tabs

Eno Tabs, the tablet form of Eno launched in May 2004, has already gained popularity. It is a 'quick mouth-dissolve' tablet available in a great tasting lemon flavour.




''Pain should not come in the way of your life.'

Iodex Power cream

Launched in 1998 and relaunched in April 2004, this is a powerful formulation that provides "Power to go on" with fast relief from backache.


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