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Osram India is a German company and the world’s largest Lighting Instruments selling company. The Company is pioneer in Compact Fluorescent Lamps(CFL), Blasts , Tubelights etc. The company sells more than 5000 types of lighting instruments. We are associated with the company from consecutive six years. We are working as C&F Agent of the company for the entire state of Rajasthan. We are appreciated by the company for the best services in India.
Incandescent lamps
EAN/ Product: 4050300021232
Product description: CLAS A CL 100

EAN/ Product: 4050300092348
Product description: CLAS A CL 100

EAN/ Product: 4050300060378
Product description: CLAS B CL 25

Tungsten halogen lamps

EAN/ Product: 4008321208668
Product description: 66733 ECO
EAN/ Product: 4008321208767
Product description: 64823 ECO FL


EAN/ Product: 4050300727233
Product description: 64820 FL
EAN/ Product: 4050300338484
Product description: 64841 FL

Compact fluorescent lamps / Energy saving lamps

EAN/ Product: 4008321132727
Product description: DULUX EL VARIO 20W/827 E27
EAN/ Product: 4050300512488
Product description: DULUX EL VAR 23 W/827 E27

Fluorescent lamps T5

EAN/ Product: 4050300645919
Product description: FH 14 W/827 HE
EAN/ Product: 4050300591520
Product description: FH 14 W/830 HE